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Evolve or Die (part deux)

One of the lessons this week in my book A Course in Miracles, struck a chord in me, so much that I posted it on Facebook. It lingered in my mind from Wednesday to Sunday and it urged me to write about it. That lesson was lesson 23, “I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.” I took it as, stop attacking others for the way they think, or for their beliefs and you will set force the process of a miracle. Evolve or die.

After my morning meditation, I started my day, which consists of a mass consumption of news and entertainment media from online newspapers, the LA times, to Broadcast, to social media. But I felt different after that meditation, the tweets moving past me on my tweet deck were streams of anger, that anger turned to pain, so much pain. And I'm not talking about the people getting beat up, it was equally those that were doing the beating up. It is now several weeks after the worst mass shooting in history, and still no motive. One thing is for certain the amount of hate that is dispersed on social media is the pulse of society, it's words circulate though our collective bloodstream. It is undermining our world and affecting human behavior, it is indeed a form of madness and it has to end.

Most of the post on social media concerns politics. We have become so attached to identity politics and the me, mine is better than you, yours, we've forgotten we are all the same, human. That mentality, that belief has led society down the path where we are no longer a functioning unit. Yep we must evolve or die, One of my favorite political writers on medium Caitlin Johnstone, put it this way, "These egoic mental habits are what lead people to fight, to be greedy, to be manipulated into supporting war and injustice because those people over there are trying to harm you or take what’s yours."

A few months back I was attacked on Facebook, after suggesting that people watch more than one news source, god forbid they watch Fox. I was called racist. The reason, besides them hating Fox, 3 years earlier, I wore a Paula Deen costume at a Halloween party. They said I used the N-word. I did dress up as Paula, but I never used the N word. I stopped for a moment and thought about letting them know I never did, but soon as anyone uses the word racist it's a siren call, a pile on of nastiness, even if wasn't true. So I chose to say sorry you felt that way, but anyone that knows me knows that's not my character. They didn't know me, but my choice was just to hear them I knew that wasn't who I was, that was a belief they chose. And they saw me out at plenty of parties ever since that incident, they had plenty of chances to address the situation but instead chose Facebook.

The attack, I felt was intentional in it’s hate, people hear what they want to hear, to support their belief system. This is so sad to me, we are so separated in our minds that we are looking at each other, not as humans but as vehicles to support a belief system made up from damage done in the past. But perhaps we need to take a minute and understand the pain of others let it course through all our systems and then let it go. Because what we have, what this world has become, is one attack thought after another, memes of hate have replaced visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. Society is changing at a record pace, if we don't evolve our thought process, take ego out of the picture and stop attacking one another on a perception and belief that somehow your thoughts about how to live, love and thrive is better than someone else's we will surely perish.

Today I watched this great talk with Jeffrey Allen energy healer and teacher, the crux of the talk is that the energy of transformation is here, now and we can move society to the future in a millisecond, if we want to. The funny thing is, during this 1 hour talk, he made fun of the group consciousness of the Trump supporter and I was amazingly disappointed. I don’t dislike Trump, he’s infuriating at times. But to me he is just an avatar of change. Those that voted him in, wanted change in the political system, I don’t see that as a bad thing. Its similar to the eclipse that crossed the United States in August, it was a precursor to hurricanes, fires and the worst mass shooting in history, a dramatic shift in our collective landscape. We cannot change what happened in the past or what is happening now, we can only change our reaction to it. To me the more insidious evil is Russian bots preying on our own egoistic state of minds, trying to separate us even further, they are preying on our weakness, our reactionary attack thoughts, which stems from the belief that we are separate, when indeed we are not.

If we stopped attacking one another and even stopped attacking the President, what do you think might happen? Has anyone even thought about that?

Group consciousness is changing at a rapid pace, we have cars now that drive themselves. Driving to work while working on your laptop and getting a massage is ours for the taking, but we have to make the leap, not just in our minds, but in our hearts. The opportunity for peace is here, the capacity to grow sits in the index of our fingers as they gently press against the keys on our computer. All we have to do to make the jump, is give up our attack thoughts.

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