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Evolve or Die, Jupiter in Scorpio

This week Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio, the planet of regeneration and rebirth. In what seems the lowest part of our history, we will now seek the answers and either evolve or die. In my writings, I am usually taking on the intersection of pop culture and politics, this time I'm adding another one of my secret pleasures astrology. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, its a water sign known for its depth, psychic abilities, sexuality and transformational wisdom. It also has a deep affinity for power. The planet Jupiter is the planet of expansion, all of which Scorpio rules will expand in our consciousness and in the world around us. What does that mean? Look deep within, we will never find out what course we want to take unless we clear up the cobwebs in our own souls.

It's interesting to me that this whole Harvey Weinstein scandal broke out just as Jupiter was about to make it's move into Scorpio. Weinstein is a Pisces, his domination over woman was plutocratic, money gave him power and he wielded that over women, now he must evolve or die.

And so does Hollywood and most of the democratic leaders who knew of Harvey's ways but took his millions anyway. Where are they now? Rose McGowen is speaking up, what about Jennifer Lawrence or Meryl Streep?

Some democrats are donating that money to charity. Harvey even made a hail mary pass in his apology, trying to deflect his behavior for politics , as if he was trying to say look i'm one of the good guys I hate Trump and the NRA. Jupiter in Scorpio will force us to look at the truth behind all of those in power.

Social Media has become toxic and many lay in wait alone, behind their keyboards and look for some tweet or Facebook post to pounce on like an animal on their prey, so eager in their minds to lay waste to another human's thoughts. While they have every opportunity to engage in thoughtful useful dialogue. So too will Jupiter in Scorpio reveal those that continue to pollute our environment. In the words of Harriet Beecher Stowe, the cure of an evil tongue must be done at the heart. We all must evolve or die.

And Jupiter in Scorpio will also reveal what it took for a man to gun down so many innocent lives in Las Vegas at a country concert. We will learn and grow from this, because we will be forced to recognize the hateful environment we've all been apart of where materialism supersedes connection to ourselves, each other, our environment and the world. I woke up this morning to see Jason Aldean, the country star on stage in Vegas when the tragedy occurred. He was performing on Saturday Night Live and he chose the Tom Petty song Won't back down. Indeed that is our mantra as we head into another evolution of our being.

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