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Transgender Ban(al) attempt to be The Messiah

At this point, The President's tweet about a transgender ban in the military, has sunk in. I've looked at both sides now, to quote Joni Mitchell and I've come to terms with what i have to say. The far right has liquored up our President with a powerful cocktail called The Messiah, but it was preceded with a similar far left concoction.

First let's dissect where we are, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford says, there will be no change in policy regarding transgender service members, for now. This follows President Trump tweet that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the military in any capacity. He cited medical costs and disruption as the reason. Laila Villanueva is a transgendered retired Army Corporal she told Jessica Rosenthal on Fox News radio that The military is paying more for acne medication and Viagra than transgender healthcare.

Dr. Christine McGinn is a former Naval officer and surgeon, who after her service transitioned from male to female. told Michael Smerconish on POTUS on Sirius XM, this isn't a political issue, this is evidence based medicine. As a Naval surgeon, she had to issue medical analysis on whether pilots could fly, and there are many issues, transgender wasn't one of them.

In the New York Times, they report that Mr. Trump and his administration had come under pressure from Tony Perkins the head of the Family Research Council, a conservative christian group, and ally of the President who opposed a bill on spending on the transgender medical costs issue and lobbied lawmakers "grant repentance to Mr Trump and Sec. Mattis for even considering to keep this policy in place, grant them understanding courage and willpower to stand up to the forces of darkness that gave birth to it and holy to repeal it. " In Other words, we will give you our highest honor and, as a result you will be glorified by all, The Messiah has come, indeed.

I say this for good reason, my evangelical and christian friends say this. They believe this, I know because they have posted on their facebook walls, this statement in regards to Mr Trump. The Messiah will come, but not in the package you expect. This explains to my non christian friends why he gets away with what he does. They don't care, they are fearful that they are losing their rights, that to quote REM, they are losing their religion and some like Mr Perkins believe darkness has taken hold. The President doesn't care either because they give him what he seeks the most adoration, applause applause applause. But the pendulum swings both ways. The democrats had that in President Obama, idolized by the media, sainted by Hollywood. He was baptized the lefts' savior, and it seems his day of reckoning is here. But who's day of reckoning is this? There is something happening here, what it is, aint exactly clear. Im gonna cut to the chase here, there's battle lines being drawn, Nobody's right if everybody's wrong, It's time we stop Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look - what's going down.

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